Public Schools for Tomorrow
Welcome to public schools for tomorrow
Our Purpose

Public Schools for Tomorrow is a national group of public school superintendents, former superintendents, and friends.  Our goal is to bring about fundamental change in the schools and in society so that all children learn to high standards, nurture their personal growth and talents, and develop their capacities.

Core Beliefs
  • Our schools and society are in a time of quiet crisis.  Powerful currents at home and abroad call for fundamental and rapid changes in our schools and school systems.

  • Although all of our students must be educated well in order to maintain a strong democracy and compete in a global economy, too many children of color and those in poverty fail to earn a high school diploma.  This is morally unacceptable and will have terrible consequences for the U.S.

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Action Proposals

Increase the presence and efficacy of teachers and administrators in making educational...

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Steering Committee